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Two and a half times bigger Modern BCAA introduced at almost half price

modern bcaa

USP Labs has just made purchasing its BCAA competitor Modern BCAA a whole lot cheaper. The brand has put together a 150 scoop version, which works out to a massive total of 75 servings. What’s even better is that USP has just launched the new size with another one of its awesome insider deals.

Instead of paying USP’s usual 75 serving Modern BCAA price of $69.99, for a limited time you can get $30 off that, dropping the massive tub down to only $40 each. Being a USP launch deal there is of course a freebie with the product too, which is a full-size bottle of the brand’s pump pill Yok3d.

You can get in on the action at with the Modern BCAA bonus size deal due to expire this Friday at noon.

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