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Muscle & Strength drops 3 more with Creatine, Fish Oil, and Carnitine

muscle and strength nutrition

To start the week Muscle & Strength launched its very own line of supplements simply called Muscle & Strength Nutrition. The brand was introduced with two very basic products called 100% Whey Protein and 100% Pure Glutamine. It turns out those aren’t the only two the online retailer had up its sleeve, as it has now dropped another three Muscle & Strength Nutrition supplements.

Just like its first two, Muscle & Strength’s latest three products are all fairly straightforward, value type items. The self-explanatory names of the new releases are 100% Pure Creatine, 100% Pure Fish Oil, and 100% Pure L-Carnitine.

The Muscle & Strength creatine is exactly like its glutamine in terms of size, as it has 200, unflavored 5g servings of creatine monohydrate. The fish oil and carnitine are actually the same size packing 180 servings/pills per bottle, with half a gram of carnitine and 100mg of calcium in each carnitine capsule, and 300mg of omega-3s in each fish oil softgel.

The most important part with all of the new Muscle & Strength supplements is of course their price points, which are just as competitive as the brand’s first two releases. The 1kg 100% Pure Creatine will cost you $18.89, the 100% Pure Fish Oil $14.99, and 100% Pure L-Carnitine at $24.77.

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