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Northbound rebrands Pinnacle and gives it two new flavors

northbound pinnacle

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen Northbound Nutrition rebrand two of its four supplements, giving them bright and colorful new looks. Today the brand is keeping that whole thing going with the launch of a rebranded version of its pre-workout, Pinnacle.

Just like Northbound’s other two rebranded products Blend and BCAA, Pinnacle has dropped its previous black, white, and green for a much brighter rainbow color scheme. The new look has also brought with it new flavors for the pre-workout, seeing its original Tropical Berry get replaced by Pink Slushee and Maui Crush.

With 75% of Northbound Nutrition’s line now rebranded, we only imagine it’s a matter of time before its only other supplement gets a makeover to match. That one last supplement is the super greens post-workout Re-Peak, which at the rate Northbound is going, if it is to be rebranded it’ll probably happen sometime next week.

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