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ATP Science’s hyped NoWay Protein uses hydrolyzed collagen peptides

noway protein

ATP Science has officially unveiled its previously teased protein powder today, after talking it up quite a bit over the past few weeks. The title of the supplement is NoWay Protein, very similar to the name of AI Sports’ plant based protein formula No Whey.

While we haven’t got a lot of details today, with the Australian brand’s unveiling has come the most important highlight of the product, which is the type of protein it uses. The reason that’s important is because it is the main talking point ATP has been using to hype NoWay Protein, saying things like its protein source is four times more effective than whey.

The main ingredient ATP Science’s new NoWay Protein relies on is the branded BodyBalance, a unique combination of bioactive dietary peptides from hydrolyzed bovine collagen. The brand has said it will be releasing research to back up its protein’s bold claims soon, with the availability of NoWay also expected to be very near.

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