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Outlift Stim-Free drops its stims for betaine and Creatine MagnaPower

outlift stim-free

The first spin-off Nutrex released of irs packed out pre-workout Outlift, was the more stimulant powered Outlift AMPed. The brand has now introduced another Outlift spin-off which kind of goes in the complete opposite direction to AMPed.

The latest release from Nutrex is a stimulant free version of Outlift simply called Outlift Stim-Free. The new supplement does have a little more to it than just no stimulants, as it features a different version of creatine as well as a new ingredient.

Basically there are four changes in Nutrex’s new Outlift Stim-Free. Firstly, to stay true to its name the product has dropped its 350mg of caffeine and 150mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine. The brand has also taken pages out of its Outlift AMPed book and switched stim-free’s creatine to creatine MagnaPower, and added in 2.5g of betaine.

Nutrex has already made Outlift Stim-Free available for purchase through its online store, pricing it exactly the same as the regular version at $49.95 for 20 servings in the one Strawberry Kiwi flavor.

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