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Brain Bridge teaser confirms TeaCrine at 100mg per serving

brain bridge

MAN Sports has passed on a teaser image for its upcoming focus formula Brain Bridge, which was originally unveiled back at the end of last year. The teaser image isn’t actually the typical blurred product shot, instead we’ve been given a pixelated version of the upcoming supplement’s facts panel.

The picture MAN has released keeps everything on the Brain Bridge facts panel hidden except for the names and combined weights of its blends, and one of the ingredients and its dose.

brain bridge

The formula details we get are that Brain Bridge has an 87mg blend for mental domination, a 2.4g Brain Bridge complex, a 22mg mix for vision support, and a 425mg natural caffeine blend which is where the confirmed ingredient is. That one ingredient is the energy extending TeaCrine theacrine, dosed at a massive 100mg per serving.

The few other details we can confirm from MAN’s Brain Bridge teaser are that it will have a 100% transparent label, as we can see that its pixelated ingredients are listed with doses. It also has a serving size of 6g with 20 servings per bottle, and it will be coming in at least one flavor with Sour Nukes.

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