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Heaping scoop of GN Labs’ new The Evil is closer to two scoops

gn labs the evil

Last week at FIBO the world was introduced to an all-new stimulant powered pre-workout from GN Labs, called The Evil. The formula did in fact look quite interesting so we decided to purchase a tub, and are currently reviewing it. Today we have something to share that is related to the review and definitely worth knowing if you’re looking to buy The Evil.

The important little detail we have is about the serving size of the supplement, as we believe users do need to be quite careful with this one. For those that haven’t seen the product’s label, each scoop of The Evil is meant to weigh 5g, with one serving being three scoops. The pre-workout does also have a maximum of four scoops, so the most you should consume according to GN Labs is 20g.

gn labs the evil

Where the interesting part comes in is how much of The Evil each scoop actually gives you. When we first scooped it we felt the weight was slightly off, so we then decided to put it on the scales. Usually for most supplements, we assume one scoop is around about a level scoop. With The Evil however that assumption is way off, as the scoop in the image above is 5g and as you can see it is well below level.

While we don’t mind if we have to shake a little off to make it a serving, that’s not the case with The Evil. It gets even odder when you measure a heaping scoop, which is what you can see in the image below, as that does in fact weigh 10g, so it’s essentially two scoops.

gn labs the evil

The obvious problem with The Evil’s scoop being so far off is that if you take three heaping scoops at 10g each, or even three at level, which is between 7 to 8g. You’ll actually be taking a total of 30g working out to six 5g scoops, or if you take level you’re taking the maximum of four scoops. The math gets even crazier if take the limit of four scoops and don’t weigh it out.

Basically, if you plan on buying and using GN Labs new pre-workout The Evil, it’s best to use it with a scale. If you don’t have scales that can measure small pre-workout servings, feel free to go off of our pictures.

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