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Brasileiro and Copa from Got7, two chocolate packed wafer snacks

got7 brasileiro

Got7 Nutrition is all about high protein, and no or low sugar and fat snacks, especially those involving chocolate in some way. The brand has certainly not dropped that mindset for 2017, as it has brought with it to FIBO two new incredibly delicious, chocolate packed snacks.

The names of the latest Got7 treats are Brasileiro and Copa, which are kind of like the brand’s Bahia Bar and Rio Crunch. The two are somewhat similar in flavor and build, however one is a lot tastier with a lot more chocolate, a difference that is reflected in their macros.

got7 copa

Copa is the lighter snack nutritionally, featuring two crispy wafers stuck either side of a chocolate and cream center. It’s is also quite a small product being a bit of a pocket size snack, and weighing in at 25g a piece. Per block, Copa’s macros are 5g of protein, 9.3g of fat, 5.8g of carbohydrates with 1.3g of that sugar, and 129 calories.

As for the other chocolatey Got7 treat, Brasileiro, it is slightly worse nutrition wise, but it tastes absolutely amazing. Much like Copa, the Brasileiro has two light wafers stuck either side of a thick, delicious, solid chocolate block.

Got7’s Brasileiro comes in packs of three, with each one individually wrapped. The macros making up a single Brasileiro piece are 4.2g of protein, 7.8g of carbohydrates with less than half a gram of that sugar, 6.7g of fat (3.2g saturated), for a total of 103 calories.

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