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Got7 also does an improved Premium Protein Spreads series

got7 premium spread

Just like it’s done with its Premium Sauce Series, which is a higher calorie version of its Classic Sauce line. Got7 Nutrition has also put together a better tasting, slightly higher calorie version of its protein spreads simply called Premium Protein Spreads.

The brand has launched the new line with two different flavors, with two options for each. There is the Nut Nougat which is Got7’s protein Nutella attempt, and the white chocolate like Milk Cream. Both flavors also come in Smooth and Crispy versions, with the crispy versions being packed with delicious crispy whey protein pieces.

The only option we can confirm macros for is the Crispy Nut Nougat with per 100g, 25.7g of protein from whey protein concentrate, 5.3g of carbohydrates with 1.2g of that sugar, 41g of fat (17.4g saturated), and 498 calories.

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