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Got7 steps up its sauce game with a Premium Sauce series

got7 premium sauce

Last year Got7 Nutrition launched a series of zero fat and zero sugar sauces called Classic Sauce, with a massive 10 different flavors available. The brand has now stepped up from that at the 2017 FIBO with a new line called Premium Sauce.

Unlike Got7’s other sauces, its new Premium Sauce series doesn’t have zero fat or sugar. Instead, the brand has added in a bit of sugar and an even smaller amount of fat for a bigger increase in flavor. While there are extra macros, Got7 has still kept things pretty low with the calories of the Premium Sauces being 4 or 6 calories per 15ml depending on the flavor.

At the moment the Got7 Premium Sauce series has just two flavors in it, both of which we’ve tried and can say are a big step up from the brand’s others. The two tastes are Curry Ketchup and the much nicer and very sweet Pineapple Chili.

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