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Got7’s Protein Nacho Chips and Nacho Dip are simply next level

got7 nacho chips

One of the most interesting products Got7 Nutrition has introduced at FIBO this weekend is actually a complimenting pair of products. You have the brand’s Protein Snack, which is essentially high protein nacho chips, then you have its extremely low carb, fat, and calorie Nacho Dip.

Like with all Got7 snacks, both its protein nacho chips and Nacho Dip are incredibly tasty by themselves, however when you combine the two they are simply next level. The Paprika flavored nacho chips are packed full of flavor with the tiniest protein snack like aftertaste, but when dipped in the Got7 Salsa Tex Mex flavored Nacho Dip, there is really nothing separating the pair from the real thing.

got7 nacho dip

The macros of the new Got7 Protein Snack or as mentioned Got7 protein nacho chips, start with a relatively strong 14.6g of protein per bag. You then have 22g of carbohydrates with only 1.6g of that sugar, 5g of fiber, and 5.6g of fat, for a total of 206 calories.

As for the Got7 Nacho Dip, everything is pretty low, with the protein and fat under a gram per 80ml tub, and the carbohydrates at 4.3g with only 2.4g of that sugar. The total calorie count of the whole tub is an impressive 30, although you’re only likely to get through half a tub per bag of nacho chips.

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