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Got7 squeezes in 2 flavor releases making it 15 new products for FIBO

got7 protein chips

To top off what has been an impressive showing at this year’s FIBO, Got7 Nutrition has managed to sneak in even more new releases this weekend. On top of the 13 products we’ve already posted about during our live coverage of FIBO, Got7 also has two new flavors.

The first new flavor is for the brand’s protein bar competitor, Core Bar. Despite already having quite the list of options to choose from, Got7 has now bumped up its menu from a total of eight to nine with a Dark Chocolate Strawberry Core Bar.

The other new Got7 flavor is for its Protein Chips, which still to this day we believe are the best protein chips on the market. The high protein snack has now been made even better at FIBO with the addition of a fifth flavor in Hot Barbecue.

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