Nutrakey drops three straightforward softgel supplements

nutrakey softgels

The team over at Nutrakey has recently released a handful of entirely new supplements, all of which are softgel formulas. They’re also all fairly straightforward products, featuring self-explanatory names with Fish Oil, MCT Oil, and CLA 1250.

For those after more exact details on all of Nutrakey’s new softgel supplements, starting with Fish Oil, each softgel packs a gram of fish oil supplying 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. MCT Oil is much the same with a gram of its title ingredient in each softgel, and CLA 1250 features 1.25g of non-GMO safflower oil per softgel, supplying a gram of CLA.

nutrakey softgels

Nutrakey fans can find all three softgel products in stock on the brand’s own website, all in two sizes with 90 and 180 softgel bottles. As for price, CLA 1250 and MCT Oil cost $22.99 for the 90 count and $36.99 for the 180, and Fish Oil at $16.99 and $28.99.

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