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Nutrakey launches a liquid version of MCT Oil in three flavors

nutrakey mct oil

Last month Nutrakey launched a list of basic softgel supplements, with the simply named formulas Fish Oil, CLA 1250, and MCT Oil. This month the brand has launched another new product that is a spin-off of one of the basics released in March.

The new addition to Nutrakey’s family this month is a liquid version of its basic MCT Oil. Each of the new supplement’s 31, 15ml servings pack 14g of MCT oil from coconut, working out to 434g of MCT oil per bottle, which is almost five times the amount you get from Nutrakey’s softgel MCT Oil.

Fans of the brand can already purchase the new liquid MCT Oil from its official website for $22.99 a bottle. The product comes in a convenient unflavored version called Natural, as well as two actual flavors with Vanilla and Lemon.

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