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Peach Tea Modern BCAA launch deal comes with a free secret product

peach tea modern bcaa

Following on from last month’s launch of a two and a half times bigger and much more cost-effective Modern BCAA. USP Labs is back again this month with another addition to the same very supplement, introducing an all-new Modern BCAA flavor.

The latest USP release is the creative recipe Peach Tea, which bumps up Modern BCAA’s total amount of flavors to 12. Like with all new products from the brand, Peach Tea Modern BCAA has been introduced with an insider deal involving discount and freebies.

The deal available for this month’s new USP supplement is two tubs of Modern BCAA for $40, one of which has to be Peach Tea and the other is your choice of any flavor. The brand is also throwing in a free tub of a “secret product”, and is offering a full-size bottle of AminoLift as an add-on for an extra $5.

You can access the limited time promotion at from today through until midday this Friday.

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