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Gummy Bears flavored TCP gets more caffeine and added choline

tcp powder

When Performix originally launched its Performance Lifestyle line last year it featured a total of five different supplements with Sport CLA, TCP, Men’s Multi, Women’s Multi, and Omega Sport. Currently, that is still how many products are in the line although there is now a new option for the focus formula TCP.

Fans of Performix that prefer to drink their focus supplements can do just that moving forward, as the brand has put together a flavored version of TCP which stands for Time Cognitive Priming. You can already purchase the TCP Powder at GNC. However, it is worth mentioning that there are a few differences in the formula.

Unfortunately, both the original TCP and TCP Powder use proprietary blends, so we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient they have and can’t tell if any of the doses are different. What we can confirm is that there are two new ingredients in the mix and a bigger dose of caffeine, although the product does still promise the same effects with sharper mental clarity and sustained memory performance.

tcp powder

Performix’s TCP Powder features almost twice the amount of caffeine with a total of 275mg per serving, compared to the capsule version’s 175mg. As for the two new ingredients, they are actually replacements with the powder dropping mucuna pruriens and bacopa monnieri for choline bitartrate and Bioperine black pepper.

As mentioned you can already purchase the new drinkable TCP Powder at GNC for $59.99 a tub. It’s just a little more expensive than the original TCP is at the moment, although it does have the same amount of servings with 30, and comes in the one Gummy Bears flavor.

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