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Ultrabuild featuring fast and slow release proteins as well as BCKAs


When MHP first introduced its all-new, rebranded line of supplements last year, one of the biggest surprises was how transparent the brand went with its proteins. What was even more interesting was that MHP went full transparency with its gainer Up Your Mass, making it one of the very few non-proprietary mass proteins on the market.

MHP has now released details on another 100% transparent protein it has coming soon called Ultrabuild. The product is somewhat similar to the brand’s Super Premium Whey Protein, although it features a wider variety of protein sources with fast and slow release forms, as well as a few extra ingredients to help with recovery.

The protein breakdown for each serving of the new MHP Ultrabuild is 25g of protein from 13g of whey concentrate, 3.5g of calcium caseinate, 2.5g each of whey hydrolysate, milk concentrate, and whey isolate, and then a gram of egg white protein.


The other important macros making up Ultrabuild’s servings are 3g of carbohydrates with a gram of that sugar and a gram fiber, 2.5g of fat (1g saturated), with a total of 140 calories. As mentioned the supplement does also feature a few extra ingredients for better recovery including half a gram each of leucine and HICA, and 200mg of BCKAs just like in MHP’s Super Premium Whey Protein.

Ultrabuild is expected to be launched sometime over the next few months in at least one size with a 22 serving tub, and two traditional flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla.

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