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Ultimate’s Whey Gold has gone on sale for an incredible $27 per 5lb

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We don’t generally post about sales that often, but when we come across one for a new release or a deal that’s just too good, we make sure we share them. The latter is what we have for you this evening with a solid sale from none other than Ultimate Nutrition.

While the brand is not one we post about often, it has shown up with a deal this week that’s perfect for anyone looking for protein and interested in saving a bit of money. If you head to All Star Health right now, you can get two 5lb tubs of the brand’s mainstream whey protein Whey Gold for the price of one. It all works out to a pretty incredible $27.50 per 5lb, or $11 for 2lbs of Whey Gold.

While the deal is good, it is worth highlighting Whey Gold’s formula as it doesn’t exactly look as good when you get up close. The catch is that the protein percentage in Whey Gold isn’t that great with 20g of protein per 34g serving. You compare that to the likes of Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech Whey Gold and the difference is clear as that has a smaller scoop size of 33g, but 20% more protein with 24g.

If you calculate how much protein you actually get per 5lb tub of Whey Gold it’s 1,340g, which is a lot less compared to Nitro-Tech Whey Gold at 1,632g per 5lb or 1,750g in Marc Lobiner’s Machine Whey. Essentially All Star’s Whey Gold BOGO is still a good deal, but as mentioned it is well worth noting that you don’t get as much protein per tub compared to a lot of others.

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