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Flex Wheeler pre-workout a simple mix of caffeine, taurine, and niacin

black skull last crusade

Back at the Arnold Classic, Black Skull unveiled a massive amount of products from two all-new series of supplements. The lines were for each of the Brazilian brand’s new bodybuilding athletes, Branch Warren and the legend Flex Wheeler.

Originally we only had names and short descriptions of the more than 20 new Branch Warren and Flex Wheeler Series products. The supplements have now had everything else revealed, which has brought along formula details for all of the items. Today we’re going to take a look at two of the more complex products from the series, with each of their pre-workouts.

black skull crossbones

For those that missed our post back in March, the names of Branch Warren’s pre-workout is Crossbones, and Flex Wheeler’s is Last Crusade. The former promotes itself right on its bottle as a “Heavy Pre Workout Formula”, with Flex Wheeler’s pre-workout describing itself as “The Last Preworkout Generation”.

Black Skull only seems to be promising energy for Crossbones and Last Crusade, or at least that’s the category they’re under on the brand’s website. As for their ingredients, they’re certainly not packed out supplements, in fact, they have the simplest formulas we’ve ever seen in pre-workouts.

black skull last crusade

Both Flex Wheeler’s Last Crusade and Branch Warren’s Crossbones feature pretty much the same ingredients. Making up each serving of Last Crusade is 800mg of taurine, 20mg of niacin, and 280mg of caffeine. As for Crossbones, that also has taurine, niacin, and caffeine, all at the same doses, as well as 300mg of choline bitartrate.

You can’t really complain about the doses in either of the pre-workouts, as they’re not too bad, there just isn’t a lot of ingredients in there. That is, of course, fine if you like a simple mix of caffeine and taurine, but it probably won’t compare to the many other pre-workouts out there with a lot more, equally well-dosed ingredients.

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