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Black Skull’s Skeleton a pre-workout BCAA that apparently burns fat

Black Skull Skeleton

Details on another new supplement from Black Skull have come in today, following on from the handful of new items we’ve seen from the Brazilian brand over the past few weeks. The new product is called Skeleton which is for Black Skull’s Lee Priest Series.

Strangely enough, Skeleton is being promoted as a couple of different things, for example right on its bottle underneath its name it describes itself as a “Hardcore Pre Workout BCAA”. On social media the supplement is then being pushed as a weight loss formula, with Black Skull saying things like it “burns fat from inside out” and “Skeleton will change your shape”.

Regardless of how Skeleton is being promoted we do have its facts panel available to confirm all of its ingredients. The features the product lists on its label are 1.6g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, alongside vitamin B1 and B6, with no sign of any stimulants like we’re used to seeing in pre-workouts and fat burners.

Black Skull Skeleton

It is worth mentioning that Skeleton’s official facts panel does also have a 2g blend on it, however we’re not sure if that is for the ingredients listed or a completely different combination. Traditionally a blend does list its ingredients immediately below it, although with Skeleton there is no mention of any major features outside of the BCAAs and B vitamins, not even in the other ingredients section.

You can read a little more about Black Skull’s new pre-workout BCAA on its website, where it is currently listed as out of stock. When Skeleton does eventually become available, directly from the brand it is going to cost you $156 (approx. $47.88 USD), for a full size, 60 serving tub.

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