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Carnivor Mass Big Steer a massive 17lb bucket of Carnivor Mass

carnivor mass big steer

If you’re a fan of MuscleMeds beef-powered mass protein Carnivor Mass, in any of its five flavors, but don’t find either of its sizes, to be enough. Today the brand has unveiled a new, significantly larger option that doesn’t come in a tub like the 6lb, or a bag like the 10.

Officially joining MuscleMeds’ Carnivor Mass line-up is a huge bucket called Carnivor Mass Big Steer, said to weigh 17lb. It packs in a total of 35 Carnivor Mass servings, which is ten more than the 10lb bag and 21 more than the original 6lb tub.

Just like the bag, MuscleMeds’ Carnivor Mass Big Steer doesn’t come in as many flavors as the smaller tub, with only Chocolate Fudge confirmed for the bucket’s menu so far.

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