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Chocolate Fudge Pop APS Nutrition’s 2nd chocolate Isomorph flavor

Chocolate Fudge Pop Isomorph 28

The creative team over at APS Nutrition has introduced another flavor for its flagship protein supplement Isomorph 28, following last month’s release of the powder stacked Neapolitan Ice Cream. Joining the product’s menu this time around is a recipe for chocolate lovers with Chocolate Fudge Pop Isomorph.

Fans of APS Nutrition’s Isomorph will know the supplement does already have a chocolate option available in Chocolate Milkshake. Based on the name we can only assume the new Chocolate Fudge Pop Isomorph is a heavier chocolate flavor, especially with fudge in its name.

APS Nutrition’s 11th Isomorph is now in stock on its website in both of the protein powder’s two tub sizes. The Chocolate Fudge Pop Isomorph will cost you the same as all of the product’s other options with the 1lb at $29.95 and the 2lb at $49.95.

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