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Donut Dough 1 of 4 new, creative flavors added to GN Labs’ Dairy Whey

donut dough dairy whey

Like a lot of major supplement companies, GN Laboratories does have a mainstream protein powder competitor called 100% Dairy Whey. Also like most European brands, GN has quite the unique list of flavors available for the product including Spaghetti Ice Cream, Crazy Beans, Panna Cotta, and Irish Cream.

GN Labs has now added to its already long list of options for 100% Dairy Whey, giving it four more very different flavors. The new additions joining the supplement’s menu this month are Pina Colada, Iced Coffee, Pear, and the most delicious sounding of them all, Donut Dough.

If you’re interested in grabbing any or all of the new GN Labs Dairy Whey flavors, the European retailer Gigas Nutrition is the place to go. It already has the four in stock and available for purchase, alongside the products many other unique options.

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