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Blackstone Labs bringing back its original Dust Extreme with DMAA

Dust Extreme

It was recently confirmed that Blackstone Labs has joined forces with the president of the major supplement manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The results of that partnership are now slowly coming to light, with the first big announcement being that the hardcore brand is bringing back its original Dust Extreme formula.

For those that missed the news, earlier this year the popular Blackstone pre-workout Dust Extreme, was relaunched with a different formula. The biggest change was that it dropped the incredibly powerful stimulant DMAA, with DMHA being thrown in as its replacement.

Now, following the announcement that Blackstone has officially partnered with Hi-Tech, the brand has confirmed that it is returning Dust Extreme to its former glory. The product is getting DMAA put back into its formula at the same dose of 75mg per serving, although noopept will remain removed. To add to the excitement, the pre-workout is actually going to be available within the next few weeks.

While the return of the DMAA Dust Extreme is great news, that’s not all that’s coming from Blackstone. The next month or so is apparently going to be an incredibly busy time for the brand with up to three other new supplements also due to be released.

At the moment we only know of one of those other three, with the stimulant powered fat burner King Cobra, revealed yesterday. We do suspect that like Dust Extreme, King Cobra will likely feature the powerful stimulant DMAA, although we can’t fully confirm that until we see its official list of ingredients.

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