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Upcoming EAA Max Energy has an extra 300mg per serving

EAA Max Energy

It was just last month that Primeval Labs launched its flavor driven amino formula EAA Max, featuring 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 820mg of EAAs, 2g of highly branched cyclic dextrin, and half a gram of d-ribose. The brand has now revealed a spin-off of that very supplement with EAA Max Energy.

The only details we have so far on Primeval Labs’ upcoming EAA Max Energy is a preview, confirming what separates it from the first EAA Max as well as an idea on its formula.

As per its title, EAA Max Energy is an energy infused version EAA Max, officially described as an amino + energy formula. It does also look like the product will have everything the original does with energy on top. The weight of EAA Max Energy’s servings is exactly 300mg heavier than EAA Max’s, which leaves plenty of room for the original formula plus some sort of energy blend.

There is no word on when EAA Max Energy is due to be available, just that it is coming soon in a 30 serving tub size, and in at least one flavor with Pink Lemonade.

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