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Ghost Size completely unveiled and also featuring beta-alanine and betaine

Ghost Size

The full list of ingredients is nw confirmed for the upcoming Ghost supplement Ghost Size, which was previously referred to as Ghost’s Secret Stuff. In our last post on the product, we confirmed a handful of features for the strength building formula including a 5g blend of creatine monohydrate and creatine HCl, and 200mg of epicatechin per serving.

Today’s full reveal of the Ghost Size formula adds in three more ingredients to the combination with 2.5g of betaine, 2g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and 50mg of the branded AstraGin to enhance absorption. The features all make for a great daily mix to do just as the title of the supplement suggests, help build muscle size and strength.

Ghost Size

Ghost has also confirmed when Ghost Size is going to be available and how much it’s going to cost. Each bottle of the well-dosed product will have a full 30 servings in the one Neutral (unflavored) option, and cost a regular $39.99, with next week said to be when it’ll be available.

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