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Hydra Shred featuring powerful stims and common weight loss ingredients

Hydra Shred

The last entirely new supplement we saw released from Sparta Nutrition was its incredibly powerful and complete pre-workout Kraken. The product proved to be such a success the brand has already more than doubled the size of its menu, despite the supplement only being on the market for six months.

Sparta Nutrition is now ready to release another entirely new product that is intended to be just as impressive as Kraken. The product is the brand’s first mainstream entry into the world of weight loss with a formula called Hydra Shred.

Hydra Shred

Promoted effects

The overall goal of the upcoming Hydra Shred is to simply, help you burn fat and get lean. To achieve this, the brand has packed the supplement with a handful of proven weight loss ingredients as well as a good amount of stimulants.

Hydra Shred ingredients

Looking at the combination of features in Hydra Shred you could almost call it a pre-workout that also burns fat. It has an extensive list of ingredients including common weight loss features like a gram of carnitine l-tartrate, 250mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, 25mg of grains of paradise, and 125mg of garcinia cambogia.

As mentioned Hydra Shred does also include a handful of powerful stimulants with 75mg of DMHA, 100mg of eria jarensis, 25mg of juglans regia, and 75mg of caffeine coming from green tea, caffeine anhydrous, and dicaffeine malate.

Hydra Shred

Bright new look

Another thing worth mentioning for Sparta’s latest creation is that it is themed very differently from any of the brand’s other products. It has been given a clean, mostly white design as opposed to Sparta’s usually darker branding.

Capsules and two flavors

Lastly, when Hydra Shred launches sometime shortly, Sparta fans are going to have quite a few options to choose from for the 60 serving supplement. The packed out fat burner is due to be available in both powder and capsule form, with its flavors being a fruity Mango Nectar and much more unique Cold Brewed Coffee.

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