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Train like a beast, sleep like a baby with CT Fletcher’s Midnight Dream

iron addicts midnight dream

CT Fletcher has unveiled his first entirely new supplement since launching his Iron Addicts brand late last year. The name of the new supplement is Midnight Dream, which is Iron Addicts’ flavored, nighttime recovery formula.

Iron Addicts Midnight Dream has been designed to help put you to sleep easier and take full advantage of the crucial overnight recovery window. The appropriate tagline that the product promotes itself with is “train like a beast, sleep like a baby”.

iron addicts midnight dream

Like all of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts supplements, Midnight Dream comes with a packed out formula featuring an extensive list of well-dosed ingredients. Some of the biggest highlights in the product include a gram each of phenibut and GABA, 5mg of melatonin, and 600mg of valerian root.

Midnight Dream is due to be released very soon in the one 30 serving tub size, which will get you through a full 30 nights when taking the maximum of one serving. The supplement is going to be available in two CT Fletcher style flavors with Root Muthaf*ckin Beer and Orange Muthaf*ckin Soda.

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