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Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Review: A bar that’ll make you a chocolate orange fan

Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Review

Right from the beginning, we’ve tried every new Carb Killa flavor from Grenade shortly after they’re released. This week we’ve managed to get our hands on the product’s 10th flavor for review, with the chocolate orange effort Jaffa Quake.

The latest Carb Killa from Grenade is only its second fruit flavor ever, the first being last year’s limited edition release, Banana Armor. It’s no surprise that the two do have their similarities as the new Jaffa Quake has almost the same balance of flavor, it’s just chocolate and orange instead of chocolate and banana.

Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Review

No orange at first bite

At first Grenade’s Jaffa Quake Carb Killa doesn’t give off any smell or look that would make you think it has orange to it. Even when you take your first bite, that feeling remains as it’s only when you start chewing that the orange infusion comes to life.

Each bite of Jaffa Quake mostly tastes like any of the chocolate Carb Killa, with a real chocolate like outside, delicious chocolate crisps, and a light layer of caramel. As mentioned after you start chewing that’s when the orange comes in, which much like the banana in Banana Armor, is a very light, but sweet flavor.

Light orange flavor

While we expected a fair split of half chocolate and half orange or even more orange than chocolate, that’s not the case with Jaffa Quake. The orange is not at all overpowering, light enough in fact to be described as just a tough of orange.

Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Review

Another delicious Carb Killa

Not too surprisingly, the 10th Carb Killa from Grenade is yet another delicious flavor. If you’re a Carb Killa fan, you’re certainly going to enjoy it, and if you’re a fan of chocolate orange protein bars, you’ll likely become a fan of Carb Killas. The flavor simply reinforces and furthers the product’s reputation as the best tasting protein bar available.

Jaffa Quake doesn’t quite rank up near any of our favorites, although seeing as we’re not huge fans of chocolate orange, we didn’t expect it to. With that said, for reviewers that don’t particularly like chocolate orange Grenade has done a great job and put together a take on the flavor that we’d be happy to have again.

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