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American Metabolix introduces the first ever ketogenic meal replacement

keto meal

American Metabolix has introduced the first ever ketogenic meal replacement supplement this week simply called Keto Meal. It has been designed to help users get into a ketogenic state and stay in ketosis, as well as hit the necessary nutrition numbers.

One of the driving forces behind American Metabolix new Keto Meal is the same ingredient you see in a lot of ketogenic products, and that is BHB salts. The brand has included the ingredient to help with energy and get your body into a state of ketosis.

The other side of Keto Meal is the meal part, which is to help users hit the right macros while on a ketogenic diet. The calories in the new American Metabolix supplement are divided up into 75% from fat, 20% from protein, and the remaining 5% from carbohydrates.

keto meal

The exact nutrition numbers making up each serving of Keto Meal are 10.5g of protein, 17.5g of fat (8.4g saturated), just 2.6g of carbohydrates, and a total of 210 calories. The sources used for the formula are fairly straight forward with whole egg and butter powder, and as mentioned, BHB salts, calcium, magnesium, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate.

You can now purchase Keto Meal from the American Metabolix website, where it is currently available with an introductory deal. For a limited time the product has been discounted down to $64.99 for a full-size 40 serving tub with a free shaker and shipping, and the one flavor to choose from in Vanilla Cake.

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