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Mars Protein Powder Review: Smooth caramel, but light on chocolate

mars protein powder review

Ever since word got out on the first ever candy brand made supplement with the Mars bar protein powder, the big question was, does it taste anything like an actual Mars bar? This week we decided to pick up a 23 serving tub of the product for £34 (approx $44 USD) to find out first-hand, what it’s like and how close it is to the real thing.

Typical protein formula

Firstly we should make it very clear that the Mars protein powder isn’t that much like the protein bar regarding ingredients. The supplement is a lot more in line with your typical protein powder and uses whey concentrate and isolate as its protein sources, unlike the bar which relies on hydrolyzed collagen, and milk and whey concentrate.

For those interested in the exact macro breakdown of the Mars protein powder, it has 23.6g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates with 2.5g of that sugar, 2.6g of fat (900mg saturated), and a total of 135 calories.

mars protein powder review

Smooth caramel, light chocolate

The taste on this one isn’t too bad; however, it’s not the amazing Mars bar flavor we were hoping for. It is a relatively light flavor as well as very simple. What we mean by that is it doesn’t quite deliver that chocolate and caramel mix you get from the candy bar that inspired it.

The Mars protein powder packs a smooth, consistent caramel flavor, although only a weak dose of chocolate. The result doesn’t make you think Mars bar in any way unless you’re looking at the tub and know the flavor the product was attempting. It’s more of a moderate, mediocre caramel with a barely noticeable dash of chocolate.

We did mix the Mars protein powder with milk instead of the usual water, to give it an even better chance. That did make it taste a fair bit better adding more power to the caramel, the chocolate, however, was still slightly too light.

mars protein powder review

Impressive first from Mars

Overall the Mars protein powder is as good as most when it comes to nutrition, with its value a little high. As for its flavor, it is pretty average in water, but much better in milk, almost to the point where it makes up for the high price.

The flavor is far from our either of our favorite chocolate proteins, which are Chocolate Chocolate Chip Animal Whey and Brownie Batter Devotion Protein. With that said the Mars protein powder is a somewhat enjoyable supplement mostly because of the name that comes with it, and an impressive effort for the first protein powder from the Mars company.

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