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Upcoming TruPre from Nutrakey will have 6g of BCAAs per serving


Since we started following Nutrakey, we’ve only been sharing news and updates on simple type supplements from the brand, such as last months three softgel formulas. This week we have got news on a complex product from the brand called TruPre, which is Nutrakey’s upcoming pre-workout.

So far all we know about the supplement is that it’s an all-in-one style pre-workout, suggesting it’ll have ingredients for all kinds of effects such as energy, focus, and pump. The only feature we can confirm for TruPre is BCAAs, something that’s going to be in the product at a heavy 6g per serving.

While 6g of BCAAs is a pretty good dose for any supplement, there is no need to worry about whether or not Nutrakey has room for anything else in TruPre. The other two details we have for the product today are that it weighs 460g per tub with 20 servings, meaning each serving weighs about 23g. As mentioned, that leaves plenty of room for a lot of other pre-workout ingredients.

There is no date set yet for when TruPre is going to officially launch, although Nutrakey is saying it’ll be available sometime in the very near future.

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