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BCAA Supreme promoted as a simple, soda flavored BCAA

Perfect Sports BCAA Supreme

Perfect Sports has now released a lot more information on the entirely new supplement it has coming soon that goes by the name BCAA Supreme. Previously all we knew about the product was that it involves BCAAs in some way, and comes in at least four different soda like flavors.

This week the brand has passed on a few formula details for its upcoming BCAA Supreme, as well as the names of its unique Soda Series flavors. The information we have on the contents of the supplement are that it has 5g of vegan BCAAs per serving at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. It also has no artificial colors, carbohydrates, and packs 40 servings per tub.

As for the list of flavors we can now confirm for Perfect Sports BCAA Supreme, it turns out the product is coming in five different soda inspired tastes. The confirmed flavors are Cherry Cola, Root Beer, Orange, Cola, and Cream Soda.

While we do now know that BCAA Supreme is going to essentially be a somewhat straightforward, vegan BCAA formula backed by a variety of soda like flavors, we still don’t know when it’s going to be released. Perfect Sports is continuing to promote the supplement as coming sometime soon, so stay tuned here for updates if you’re looking forward to this one.

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