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Crossfuel adds Pure Gainz to its complex Black Series

Pure Gainz

To kick off the year Crossfuel launched its all-new hardcore Black Series, made up of four rather complex supplements. Now, just a few months after that release, the brand has introduced the first new addition to the line with the mass protein Pure Gainz.

Like all of the other products in the Crossfuel Black Series, Pure Gainz has a variety of ingredients. The most interesting thing about it all is that unlike most gainers on the market, Pure Gainz is a full transparency supplement, listing the exact doses of all of its features.

The macros for Crossfuel’s new Pure Gainz per serving are 30g of protein coming from New Zealand whey isolate, whey concentrate, pea protein, and a few other sources. 99g of carbohydrates (5g sugar, 2g fiber) with the majority of that from maltodextrin and some from sweet potato and oat, 7g of fat (5g saturated), and a total of 580 calories.

Pure Gainz

As mentioned there is a wide variety of ingredients in Pure Gainz, with the extras thrown in including 5g of creatine monohydrate, a light 500mg dose of glutamine and 820mg of BCAAs, as well as chia, flaxseed, and avocado.

According to Crossfuel, the new Pure Gainz has already started hitting GNCs across Canada, this week. It currently comes in two traditional 6lb flavors with Triple Chocolate and Vanilla.

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