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Super HD Razor another stimulant free, stackable Cellucor fat burner

Super HD Razor

A couple of months ago Cellucor launched a new version of its mainstream fat burner Super HD with a supplement called Super HD Fire, which also has a stimulant free option. The brand has now turned that product into a full series releasing two more similarly packaged weight loss supplements.

Today we have the unveiling of Super HD Razor and Super HD Water, with this post being all about the former. While Razor is still designed to help burn fat like Super HD Fire, the main thing that separates it is that it intends to do it without stimulants.

Weight loss without stimulants

You may be thinking there already is a stimulant free offering in the high-end Super HD family with Super HD Fire Stimulant Free. Super HD Razor, however, intends to do it all with a very different combination of ingredients, as it was also designed to be stacked with Fire.

Super HD Razor promises to help out with weight loss by decreasing the number and size of fat cells and enzymes that help store fat, as well as increase the rate at which your fat cells disintegrate.

Super HD Razor

Four main ingredients

To achieve all of this Cellucor has packed Super HD Razor with a single non-transparent blend made up of four different ingredients. The combination weighs in at 1.614g per two softgel serving and features Tonalin branded CLA, Synetrim cissus quadrangularis, carnitine tartrate, and BioPerine black pepper.

Availability and size

Super HD Razor is not yet available anywhere, although we can confirm it is going to be available at GNC at some point. If however it’s anything like Super HD Fire, it will also be available in a number of other major retailers such as, Muscle & Strength, and Campus Protein.

Whenever Super HD Razor does eventually launch, it is going to hit shelves in at least one size with a 112 softgel box. As odd as that number sounds, it does work out to exactly four weeks supply with 28, two softgel servings.

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