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Muscletech teases another two SX-7 Revolution supplements

sx-7 revolution

Yesterday we posted about Muscletech’s Stack3d Pro page, which features a handful of new supplements. Inlcuded in that list of supplements are its first new additions to its SX-7 Revolution Series, #Shatter and Amino NRG, and the new and improved Mission1 Bar.

Also featured on Muscletech’s Stack3d Pro page is a teaser of another two new products, that are going to be doing the same as #Shatter and Amino NRG. The teaser is for two more additions to Muscletech’s growing SX-7 Revolution family, both of which look like they’re going to be capsule formulas.

While we can’t confirm 100% what the SX-7 Revolution supplements are designed to do, the teaser is clear enough to make out the category for one of them. There is the black and purple themed SX-7 Revolution product that we don’t have any real clues on, then the blue and black item which from what we can read is a test booster.

For now, we’ll just have to wait to find out exactly what Muscletech’s mystery supplements are, although it is now safe to say the SX-7 Revolution line is going to be turned into a full line of products.

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