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Be Different with TuffnTiny’s new Pidgey inspired Bulkemon release

tuffntiny pidgey

TuffnTiny is back again with another addition to its flagship, Pokemon inspired Bulkemon Collection of clothing. This month we’ve got the brand’s first design to not have a muscularized name like SQUATtle, PikaHUGE, or GAINZgar.

The latest from TuffnTiny is a Pidgey inspired design featuring a bunch of identical looking Pidgeys in the background, with a bulked up one out in front, followed by the line “Be Different”.

Just like all of the brand’s others Bulkemon releases, its Pidgey design is only available for a limited time. It is now in stock on TuffnTiny’s website for the temporarily discounted price of $19.99 in either a tee, men’s tank, or women’s racerback.

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