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Olimp increases its Olimp Labs joint formula for Arthroblock Forte

Arthroblock Forte

The last new release we saw from Olimp Supplements was actually not as new as it initially appeared. The product the European brand introduced was Beta-Solar, a formula that had already been available for a good amount of time under the Olimp Laboratories brand.

This week another new supplement from Olimp has shown up, and just like Beta-Solar, it is somewhat of another rebranded formula from the Olimp Labs line. The product is called Arthroblock Forte which is a joint health supplement, although unlike with Beta-Solar, the formula in Olimp Supplements’ Arthroblock isn’t the same as the original.

While the new Arthroblock Forte does use the same seven ingredients as the Olimp Labs Arthroblock, five of those seven have higher doses. The glucosamine and manganese are the same at a gram and 2mg per two-capsule serving. The five increases include twice as much chondroitin at 200mg, five times as much hyaluronic acid, twice the boswellia and zingiber at 100mg each, and triple the vitamin C.

Olimp Supplements has essentially super-charged its original Arthroblock formula for the new Arthroblock Forte, which promises to support healthy bone and cartilage, and function of connective tissue.