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Olimp Supplements borrows from Olimp Labs for its new Beta-Solar

Beta Solar

The always growing Olimp Supplements has introduced another new product this week, although it’s not entirely new. The name of the item is Beta-Solar, which appears to get its title and formula from the Beta-Solar sold under a separate Olimp brand called Olimp Labs.

The supplement is designed to help protect, maintain, and support healthy skin. It does all of this with a combination of beta-carotene, vitamin E and C, selenium, zinc, hyaluronic acid, and a handful of other ingredients. As mentioned the formula at least appears to be identical to the Beta-Solar from Olimp Labs, with the main difference being the Olimp Supplements version has a different look.

You can read a little more about Olimp Supplements’ new Olimp Labs inspired Beta-Solar on its website, where you can also now purchase the product in the one 30 capsule box size for €7.99.