welcomes back Jim Stoppani

Jun 16th, 2017 Jim Stoppani

In a surprise turn of events, Jim Stoppani has partnered back up with the store that originally had exclusivity on his Jym Supplement Science line of products. The pair has released a video today seeing Stoppani make a familiar trip back to in Boise, Idaho.

According to the four-minute video, Jim Stoppani has teamed up with the major online retailer again to put together quality content and trainers, like he did back before he parted ways early last year. Stoppani himself actually says three-quarters of the way through the video “It’s idiotic for us ( and Stoppani) not to work together.”

The big question remaining of course is what’s going to happen supplement wise? Back when Jim Stoppani ended his exclusivity with and all the drama went down, he then launched a Jym 2.0 line, which eventually involved new versions of all of the original Jym products including Pre Jym and Post Jym.

We can’t help but wonder does this mean will soon be selling the similar, but alternatively branded Jym 2.0 line. At the moment it still only has the original Jym supplements while GNC and the major online retailer Amazon, stock the 2.0 line.

Update: After reaching out and hearing back from Jym we can confirm that is due to get the 2.0 line of supplements, keeping the brand consistent across all retailers.

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