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Jacked up Butterfree the star of TuffnTiny’s latest BULKemon design


TuffnTiny is back again this month with another addition to its creative BULKemon collection of clothing, following on from last month’s Pidgey themed design. The latest release from the clothing company sees it once again, use a more traditional Pokemon as inspiration with BUFFerfree.

TuffnTiny’s BUFFerfree illustration involves an extremely jacked up take on Butterfree which still manages to use its wings to stay off the ground. As per usual, the brand has made its new BULKemon design available for pre-order through its website with a variety of different options.

BUFFerfree comes in a white tee, a gray men’s tank, and a yellow women’s racerback, with all three styles priced exactly the same at $19.99 each.

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