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iSatori unveils its more concentrated, gummy bear Carnitine LS3 3000

Carnitine LS3 3000

This weekend at the Europa Games expo in Dallas, Texas, iSatori has introduced its third basic carnitine supplement joining Carnitine LS3 and Carnitine LS3 + Energy. The new release is called Carnitine LS3 3000, which does sort of give away its point of difference.

iSatori’s new Carnitine LS3 3000 is designed to help with weight loss and packs 3,000mg of carnitine per serving, meaning it has twice as much as Carnitine LS3 and LS3 + Energy’s servings. We do also know that it uses the same three forms of carnitine as the older two products with carnitine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and carnitine l-tartrate.

The only other detail we have to confirm is that iSatori has named one flavor for Carnitine LS3 3000 so far that’s a lot more creative than its other carnitine options. The brand has taken the candy approach with this one, putting together a delicious sounding Gummy Bear Carnitine LS3 3000.