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ISA-Test PX4 named and previewed without any exact details

Jan 11, 2017 | iSatori
isa-test px4

When iSatori launched its new look last week, the one thing we were left wondering was whether or not it was bringing with it any new supplements. That question was answered earlier this week with a yes, as the brand revealed and released its energy infused carnitine formula, Carnitine LS3 Energy. It now turns out the carnitine spin-off isn’t all iSatori has planned.

iSatori rebrand brings with it Carnitine LS3 Energy

Jan 9, 2017 | iSatori
carnitine ls3 energy

It turns out iSatori’s new look has brought with it at least one entirely new supplement, with a spin-off of its basic carnitine formula L-Carnitine LS3. The product is called Carnitine LS3 Energy, which as you could probably guess is a carnitine supplement mixed in with a bit of energy.

iSatori launches its previously previewed look on Bio-Gro

Jan 8, 2017 | iSatori
isatori rebrand

Back at the Olympia expo last year, iSatori previewed a new look for its line on its flagship formula Bio-Gro. Since that preview we haven’t seen or heard anything more about the rebranding until now, as right in line with the LA Fit Expo, iSatori has updated its website and look of Bio-Gro.


iSatori previews its very different look on a bottle of Bio-Gro

Sep 17, 2016 | iSatori

Tucked away at the back of iSatori’s Olympia Expo booth this year are a few bottles of its flagship formula Bio-Gro that don’t exactly look like they usually do. As you can see in the image above, the reason the Bio-Gros on display look different is because they’ve been rebranded. iSatori has actually dropped its previous red and black theme for an all over dark red design.

iSatori clearing out the original Pre-Gro for as low as $17

May 23, 2016 | iSatori

If you’re like us and don’t quite like iSatori’s sequel pre-workout Pre-Gro Max, anywhere near as much as we liked the original. The brand has just launched a limited time direct sale that you will want to take advantage of. Basically it is clearing out stock of its year and a half old pre-workout Pre-Gro, despite it actually being better than Pre-Gro Max.


Pre-Gro Max Review: Not bad but nowhere near as good as Pre-Gro

May 4, 2016 | iSatori
pre-gro max review

While we never saw overly great results on iSatori’s bio-active formula Bio-Gro, we did find the Bio-Gro infused pre-workout Pre-Gro to be quite the competitor. It packed an all around combination of effects which is what we look for in a good pre-workout, with solid energy, great pump, alright focus and a touch of performance. Based on how impressive the original Pre-Gro was we knew we had to grab its sequel Pre-Gro Max when it launched, despite how different it looked compared to its predecessor.



Stock up and save with the 6lb Bio-Active Whey Bundle

Apr 21, 2016 | iSatori
bio-active whey

At the moment iSatori’s Bio-Gro infused protein powder Bio-Active Whey only comes in the one 30 serving tub size. It’s been that way since the supplement was launched earlier this year, with most places pricing it at around $30. A larger option would obviously make the protein a little more cost-effective, although since that has yet to happen has now put together its own solution.


iSatori launches Pre-Gro Max with 20% off and a free shaker

Mar 30, 2016 | iSatori
pre-gro max

The sequel to iSatori’s top 10 pre-workout Pre-Gro Max, is now officially available direct from its website. The supplement which is not as heavy or anywhere near as transparent as its predecessor, has a regular 60 serving price of $37.99 with two flavors to choose from in Blue Razz Snow Cone or Mixed Berry Fruit Smash. If you act fast however you can take advantage of iSatori’s introductory discount and freebie deal.


Original Pre-Gro being cleared out in preparation for Pre-Gro Max

Mar 27, 2016 | iSatori

It appears that in preparation for the arrival of its significantly lighter and non-transparent sequel supplement Pre-Gro Max. A number of retailers are clearing out iSatori’s original pre-workout Pre-Gro. Some of the stores discounting the still top 10 product are, Muscle & Strength and Netrition. While and Netrition’s Pre-Gro sales aren’t overly great with $10 off two tubs ( and $7 off one (Netrition). Muscle & Strength’s is much more worthwhile if you’re a fan of the original Pre-Gro, as you can get two tubs for the price of one a just $29.99. The online store does only have three flavors left though, so if you are interested you’ll want to get in quick.

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