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Cellucor transforms CN3 into a blend of three creatines

Cellucor CN3

After being on the market for almost two years, Cellucor has decided it’s time to update its 2015 released creatine nitrate supplement CN3. Very soon a new version of the product is going to be available, although despite the change in formula it will still be called CN3.

The original supplement was named CN3 as it featured NO3-T creatine nitrate, at a dose of 3g per serving. In the updated CN3, the number in the title now refers to the total amount of creatine forms used in the product. Creatine nitrate is still in that mix, however, it is alongside two other types.

Cellucor CN3

Cellucor’s 2017 edition of CN3 features a blend of creatine monohydrate, NO3-T creatine nitrate, and creatine HCl. The three forms combine together for a total of 6.25g per serving, with a total of 50 servings per tub, which is five more than the original CN3.

At the moment the new blend CN3 is not yet available anywhere, although we can confirm that when it does eventually arrive, you’ll have an extra flavor to choose from. Just like the first version you can still find in a lot of retailers, the updated CN3 will come in Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, and Unflavored, as well as a new Blue Raspberry option.