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Core Omega a superior high purity, triglyceride fish oil supplement

Core Omega

Core Nutritionals’ all-new basic supplement Core Omega, which despite being basic is not a part of the brand’s simple Core Commodities Series. Is now finally available for purchase after it was unveiled a couple of months ago in April.

As mentioned, the new Core Omega is a straightforward product featuring a somewhat typical fish oil formula. Each of the supplement’s 120 softgels provides a total of 650mg of omega-3s, with a breakdown of 360mg of EPA and 240mg of DHA. The EPA and DHA balance is similar to many other fish oil formulas on the market. However, there are a couple of major highlights that separate this one from the rest.

Core Omega

Unlike your typical fish oil supplement, Core Omega features a triglyceride formula produced under a nitrogen barrier. The nitrogen production means there is no fishy smell to the product, and it comes with a longer shelf life.

As for the triglyceride formula, that does need a little more explaining. Most fish oil supplements use ethyl ester omega-3s, whereas Core Omega uses premium, naturally occurring triglycerides. While they do knock up the price, triglycerides are more easily absorbed, as your body needs to convert ethyl esters into triglycerides, making Core Omega a bit of superior fish oil product.

Of course with Core Omega officially being released today, Core has introduced it with a couple of deals. You can either get one full 120 softgel bottle for $36.99, or save a little over 10% and get two for $65. Both offers are only available through Core’s online store at