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ProSupps bringing back DNPX capsules sometime this summer


Over the years we’ve seen ProSupps come out with a variety of takes on its original fat burning formula DNPX. It appears that it is now time for another return from the supplement, as the brand has confirmed that DNPX is once again coming back in capsule form, for this summer.

So far ProSupps hasn’t said a whole lot about its upcoming DNPX, dropping just a handful of details. We don’t know anything about what ingredients it will use but can confirm it’ll be a high energy, thermogenic experience, with increased focus and mood enhancement. It’ll also have a single capsule serving and is expected to be quite different from the powder DNPX that is currently available.

As mentioned, ProSupps is promoting the return of its DNPX capsules for sometime this summer. Whether that means sometime in the next couple of weeks or next couple of months, we’ll have to wait and see. The brand does however appear to be pumping out new releases relatively quickly lately with its new NitroX Series and two MyCookies all launching in the past few weeks.

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