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Creatine and Glutamine ES previewed from new Evogen Essential Series

Evogen Essential Series

As crazy as things are looking right now for Hany Rambod’s blue and white brand, Evogen, it sounds like it is far from down with new releases for 2017. So far this year we’ve already seen quite a bit of the brand with new supplements such as Lipocide IR, confirmation of the still coming soon EVP Extreme, the Evogen Naturals line, and launched this week, Evovite.

In combination with all that the brand has done this year, and all that it still has to come. Fans can now be on the look out for another entirely new line of products called the Evogen Essential Series. So far we only know of two supplements that are in the collection with Creatine ES and Glutamine ES.

The basic Evogen glutamine formula weighs in at 305g per tub with 60 servings and features some kind of glutamine blend to help with recovery, hydration, and immune support. As for the brand’s creatine product, which tips the scales at 411g with 60 servings, and also relies on a blend containing an apparently powerful form of creatine monohydrate for strength and size gains.

Much like the previously confirmed EVP Extreme, we don’t have any idea about when or where the Evogen Essential Series is going to be available. Fortunately, we do have a preview of its two supplements and a few details, giving you a good idea of what it’s about if you stumble across it.

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