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Force Factor unveils its upcoming protein powder Whey30

Force Factor Whey30

Force Factor is certainly not a supplement company unfamiliar with the protein powder category, having entered the extremely competitive area previously. Very soon it plans on taking on the protein market once again with a new product called Force Factor Whey30.

Just as the supplement says right in its title, Whey30 is a protein powder relying on whey as its primary source of protein, with no other macros confirmed so far. The number in its name is related to how much protein it packs per serving with 30g, although the product does also apparently have 30 servings per tub.

The only other details we have to share today for Force Factor Whey30 are that the new supplement is due to be released this summer at GNC and in a variety of options. For now, the brand has revealed just two flavors for the product, with the traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla.