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Hydrapharm promising long lasting energy and focus with Hydrazine


Hydrapharm is another supplement company that moving forward you can count on seeing updates for here at Stack3d. Today we’ll give you a quick introduction to the brand and its line of products that does include a variety formulas covering a lot of different categories.

While you may not have come across Hydrapharm here in the US, you might have in the UK and Europe as that is its primary market. The brand is available through the major UK retailer and distributor Predator Nutrition.

Some of the categories Hydrapharm covers are pre-workout, nootropics, muscle building, anti-estrogen, body recomposition, protein powder, and a number of essentials such as fish oil and ZMA. The latest addition to the brand’s family is Hydrazine, a capsule formula that’s all about energy and focus.


Hydrapharm’s Hydrazine supplement does promise a potent mix of energy and focus that is said to last a few hours, which is backed by a reliable combination of stimulants. Each capsule of the product packs a 700mg non-transparent blend of bauhinia purpurea, cacao, caffeine anhydrous, cymbidium goeringii, and kigelia africana extract (DMHA).

You can see the full line of Hydrapharm products at Predator Nutrition, that as mentioned distributes the brand throughout the UK and Europe. Predator does in fact have a sale on Hydrazine at the moment where if you purchase it with Driven Sports’ sequel pre-workout Craze V2, you get 20% off both.

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