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ANS Performance unveils Ketosys, its premium ketogenic meal supplement


ANS Performance has unveiled one of the three entirely new supplements it teased last week, which we suspected to be some kind of alternatively branded series. The first product to be introduced from the line is a ketogenic formula called Ketosys.

For now, the brand has only released a preview of Ketosys, although it’s more than enough to confirm what kind of supplement it is as well as a handful of its main ingredients.

ANS Performance’s new Ketosys is a premium meal supplement, packed with a combination of macros ideal for ketogenic dieters. The product is however not just for ketogenic enthusiasts, as it has been put together with some performance benefits.


As far as its formula goes, we know of only three of the supplement’s highlights that’ll no doubt let you know if Ketosys is right for you. Those macros are 20g of protein, 14g of MCTs, and a total of 32g of fat, which is a very similar balance to American Metabolix recently released Keto Meal.

More information is due to be released soon, with the options confirmed for Ketosys for now being the one 2lb tub size and the one Chocolate flavor. You can also look forward to finding out about the other two previously teased ANS products soon, that we can probably assume are also ketogenic formulas.